Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 5 in the Royal Zone

At district meeting on Tuesday Elder Montouto from Uruguay and I were practicing teaching. When I was done he compared me to a chicken and a cow. He literally said "You are like the chicken that gives eggs, and the cow that gives milk. You - Sister Kilsby - give tons of smiles and preach the gospel to people." So that's how I'm like a chicken and a cow.
Tuesday there was a dust storm. I thought it was so awesome, but my companion Sister Condie didn't think so much. I tried to go outside and get it in, but she freaked out because of all of my health issues I have going on. I found out I had a sinus infection, but I got medication for that so I'm good in the hood.
For most of the day Wednesday we went to a farm and stood knee deep in mud to pull weeds out of their garden. It was honestly so much fun until the Elders decided it would be fun for them to throw globs of mud at me. After we did service Sister Condie and I went home for training. I always wave and smile at everyone. So while we were driving into our apartment complex I smiled and waved at this guy smoking on the sidewalk. When we went to our car after training there was a piece of paper in my door handle. IT WAS A NOTE FROM THE GUY I WAVED AT. We gave his number to the Elders that cover our apartment complex. So Sister Condie and I have a running joke about me waving at people now haha
We went to the Easter Pageant again, and it was so amazing. It was just as good the second time as it was the first!
We do service for the town of Queen Creek every Thursday morning, and for some reason this week they made us rake rocks. So Arizona: the only place where it makes sense to rake out rocks for 4 hours.
Friday we had to wake up at 5 am to go to the Gilbert Temple. Sister Condie woke me up and I went straight to the car and fell asleep. Apparently I was only half asleep and was singing to Vocal Point as deep as I could. I was in the same temple session as Mrs. Hali and her husband, they're Mrs. Tabatha Tolbert's friends! This is the 3rd time in one week that I've seen them.  After the temple we went to kneaders then had a planning meeting. We were all so tired we just laughed and played the whole time. Elder Chandler's mom sent him tons of water guns and whoopee you can guess what we did for planning meeting. I'm sorry mom! I swear I work hard.
Saturday we had MORE service, and it was at Brother Martin's house. We pulled weeds and landscaped for 5 hours. Somehow out of the 7 Sisters and 8 Elders from my zone there I got "volunteered" to mow that lawn. Thank goodness I've had tons of practice on a riding lawn mower. Cool  fact about Brother Martin..he works with the Arizona Cardinals. So he told us that if he has players come stay with us that he would have us over for an FHE. 
I'm falling more in love with Arizona each and every day. 
I took the picture of the field to prove that Arizona isn't just dirt and cacti.
Also my companion hates that I take pictures so I took a not so flattering selfie of us.
A few people have asked why we don't wear our nametags on the left like every other missionary. They wear it on the left side over their hearts. As far as we and our mission president know..we're the only mission to wear our nametags on the right side to remind us to always choose the right and to be in the right place at the right time.
I hope everyone has a super super amazing week!!

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