Monday, April 18, 2016

Follow the leader into transfer NUMBER 2

So transfer calls went out last night, and I'm staying in Queen Creek!! I'm so pumped, but that also means that Sister Condie is leaving, I get a second half trainer, and that I have to lead out the area. That's a super scary sentence to say. I'm leading out the area. Bless my heart.

Anyway, we met with our super awesome tattooed investigator Aaron! He came to church on Sunday. He actually invited himself to church. We were standing on his doorstep, and he asked if he needed to read the whole Book of Mormon before church on Sunday., but that'd be great? He's awesome and one of the most sincere people that I've met! He told us he couldn't wait to come back to church next Sunday! I can't wait to teach him at our next lesson.
Jared (our less active) let me cut his hair last P day after not getting it cut for 3 months! His mama was having a heart attack that he was actually letting someone cut his hair! I was having a little bit of fun with it.
On Tuesday we went to teach Jared a lesson and do service, but we never got to the lesson part. He taught me how to change oil in his truck, and sister Condie learned how to change a tire! You'd be proud of me dad. I didn't even get messy. I'm a real lady now.
Wednesday we had Zone Conference, and I'm so embarrassed for all of you who saw the video of me singing. It wasn't a planned thing. We also had expanded zone conference (for the members) and we got Jared to come!! We were so excited especially when he told us he'd be able to go to the temple by the end of the year. I also heard that Reagan is going to be serving as SISTER TRUSSELL IN THE PHILLIPEANS!! I'm so beyond excited it's insane. Heavenly Father works miracles. I know that for a fact.
We went to the Reed's on Saturday and washed his horses for him!
Today we're going to the Nilsen's to make string art of the state of AZ, then to the Reed's to have FHE. I'm sorry my week isn't super cool, BUT
Who knew that I'd come to Arizona for my mission and end up learning how to change oil, deal with horses, and cut hair? I'm learning life skills

Monday, April 11, 2016

have faith, pray, and love the rain

So not a lot happened at the beginning of the week, but Tuesday I did do family history. I found out I have royalty on my dad's side of the family. So I'm ready to take my claim to the English throne. Just kidding, but honestly.

Wednesday I was so nervous about exchanges, but it was the best day of my mission (which is really sad, and says a lot). I handed out my first 3 copies of the Book of Mormon AND we picked up 2 new investigators. One is a scary looking guy with lots and lots of tattoos and piercings, but he is the most amazing and polite guy that I've met. After we left his home he text us and thanked us over and over again for stopping and taking the time to talk to him. So I've learned to never judge a book by it's cover! We're actually going over and teaching him today. This is the most excited I've been in 6 weeks!!
We also started teaching a less active. I though I would be sneaky and tell him that I just needed practice to teach the lessons. When we got to his house to teach him..He told me he knew what I was going. I was so embarrassed, but he thought it was the most hilarious thing ever. During the lesson he started crying (which means I started balling). He told us that he hadn't felt the spirit so strongly since he got off of his mission.
We went to the Reed's house on Friday. They're the most amazing family that I've ever met. Every time I talk to them it's like talking to my own mom and dad! Well we went over there to get bread that we left the night before, and to give them a little lesson. It ended up turning into almost 5 hours of service of us washing their horses, loading wax into bullet shells, finding gopher holes, and helping them irrigate ALL while wearing dresses. That takes talent.
On Saturday we went to stake conference, and got the less active member we're teaching to come with us!! There were 3 general authorities, our mission president, and almost 1,000 members there. In the middle of Elder Gay's talk he stopped and invited me to come up and bear my testimony. I can't tell you everything I said, but the other missionaries said that there was not one dry eye. I know I was crying like a baby. So I got to bear my testimony in front of 3 general authorities and my mission president. I'm still freaking out about it a little bit.
I've been having a little bit of a hard time. This Tuesday or so in my prayers I prayed for Heavenly Father to show me a sign, to prove to me that I really needed to be here. For the next few days I prayed for that. Friday I prayed for rain, and that day it drizzled a little. The next day I prayed for rain, and it did for about an hour or so. Yesterday I prayed for Heavenly Father to show me that I needed to be here and that I was doing the right thing. I also prayed for rain. It poured the whole day. I realized how stupid I was the whole 3 days. Heavenly Father was giving me the rain as an answer to my prayers. It's such a simple thing, but answers to all of our prayers usually are. I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers. All we need to be patient and humble ourselves so that we will hear/see the answers, and get the courage and strength to get on our knees to pray. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are always there for us with open arms. They're just waiting for us to turn around and to step into them.

Monday, April 4, 2016


Here in the Queen Creek Zone we do service. We've done 40+ hours of service in the last 2 weeks and I'm loving it!!

So my week started out pretty rough. On Monday night we went to our recent convert's home. She anti-ed us and told us she didn't believe in the church anymore. It was extremely hard for Sister Condie and I to hear, but don't worry. Sister Roussel in one of our wards came to the rescue and got each of us a pint of tonight dough. So I cried and got chubby.
The next day we got to clean out a hoarders garage which was gross, but fun at the same time. She let the missionaries keep whatever they wanted to, so the elders came out with a bunch of weird stuff. That night we went to dinner at a member's house and I held their son's HUGE snake! (those faces are faces of pure joy by the way) My companion chickened out and wouldn't touch the snake. I'm about done with the whole bike thing. (just kidding because then I wouldn't have a way to get around) BUT we rode 15 miles in less than 3 hours on our bikes, and -sorry mom- over half of it was on the highway. I ran into 2 trashcans, a pole, ran off of the curbs several times, and ripped my skirt. GOOD NEWS though; I didn't fall off of my bike once during any of that chaos. Also this week we mucked out over 120 horse stalls. It wasn't bad until the elders of the San Tan Zone decided to throw horse poo poo at me. I almost threw up. Elders are kind of nasty.Anyway flash back to the MTC..I met an Elder Lyman from Gilbert, Arizona and it turns out that I'm in his family's ward! Thursday we had dinner with his mom, and Friday we had dinner with them and some of his aunts and uncles. His mom and family are so amazing. It's honestly like a home away from home.
In the Saturday Afternoon Session of General Conference my mission president got called to be one of the men in the quorum of the 70, which is right under the 12 apostles. That's apparently why he is leaving in July. The choir during one of the sessions was from BYU Idaho. It was so fun picking out people I know. This sentence will never come from me again, but it makes me miss BYUI.
This upcoming week and month will be stressful in the best kind of way. My Zone Leaders assigned me to do training for my whole zone (about 20 missionaries) tomorrow during our weekly meeting. On Wednesday I'm going on exchanges with another Sister Missionary. This means that my leader companion is leaving me the whole day, and I get a different companion for that day. It also means that I am in charge of what we do for the day, and I have to navigate us around Queen Creek (pray for the Sister that has to come with me).
Somehow they talked my companion and I into singing at expanded Zone Conference and at a missionary homecoming this month. Expanded Zone Conference is where they have 3 or 4 stakes come together and our mission president will talk to them. These people that asked us to sing are obviously deaf, because I sound like a dying whale.

With all that being said: Work is extremely slow, and it's getting more hard as the days pass. I know that all will be well though, and that the Lord will help us through it and the rest of our struggles. Do your best and the Lord will do the rest!