Monday, April 18, 2016

Follow the leader into transfer NUMBER 2

So transfer calls went out last night, and I'm staying in Queen Creek!! I'm so pumped, but that also means that Sister Condie is leaving, I get a second half trainer, and that I have to lead out the area. That's a super scary sentence to say. I'm leading out the area. Bless my heart.

Anyway, we met with our super awesome tattooed investigator Aaron! He came to church on Sunday. He actually invited himself to church. We were standing on his doorstep, and he asked if he needed to read the whole Book of Mormon before church on Sunday., but that'd be great? He's awesome and one of the most sincere people that I've met! He told us he couldn't wait to come back to church next Sunday! I can't wait to teach him at our next lesson.
Jared (our less active) let me cut his hair last P day after not getting it cut for 3 months! His mama was having a heart attack that he was actually letting someone cut his hair! I was having a little bit of fun with it.
On Tuesday we went to teach Jared a lesson and do service, but we never got to the lesson part. He taught me how to change oil in his truck, and sister Condie learned how to change a tire! You'd be proud of me dad. I didn't even get messy. I'm a real lady now.
Wednesday we had Zone Conference, and I'm so embarrassed for all of you who saw the video of me singing. It wasn't a planned thing. We also had expanded zone conference (for the members) and we got Jared to come!! We were so excited especially when he told us he'd be able to go to the temple by the end of the year. I also heard that Reagan is going to be serving as SISTER TRUSSELL IN THE PHILLIPEANS!! I'm so beyond excited it's insane. Heavenly Father works miracles. I know that for a fact.
We went to the Reed's on Saturday and washed his horses for him!
Today we're going to the Nilsen's to make string art of the state of AZ, then to the Reed's to have FHE. I'm sorry my week isn't super cool, BUT
Who knew that I'd come to Arizona for my mission and end up learning how to change oil, deal with horses, and cut hair? I'm learning life skills

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