Monday, June 27, 2016

My heart is with Connor

So we didn't have a super interesting week, but here's what did happen.
SISTER GASU TURNED 20! We celebrated by going to sleep at 10:01 pm. 
That's sad when you're literally so excited to go to sleep before 10:30.
We did service with the Elders this week and pulled up rose bushes. Sister Gasu and I did more work than the 3 of them combined. So I learned this week that Elders are no help.
We're getting a new mission president this I'm interested to see how that goes. His name is President Wheeler. He was the vice President of Snow College. I'm kind of pumped because I heard he cracks down on a lot of stuff, and doesn't take disobedience. 
Sister Gasu and I think we're hilarious. We named my GPS "one". So now to turn my gps on we have to say "One Direction". 
The cute activity day girls in one of my wards wrote Sister Gasu and I letters! Also, I got a super yummy package from the Spiers' with some awesome letters from some of my favorite young women in it :) It definitely made my week! I always go back and read those whenever I'm having a hard day.
We went to Soda Rush to get a treat for the other sisters in our house and this man and lady RAN up to us screaming "Sister Missionaries!!" They were just a little excited. They wanted a picture with us because their daughter is serving in California. Missionary parents are crazy.
We were tracting around and needed some water, so we stopped at the Foliaki's house which was a good bad decision. They're Tongan. They made us sit down, and they gave us tons of food. He made me try lamb. It wasn't bad, but I definitely didn't think I'd be eating this kind of food on my mission.
Connor is a special needs boy that is in our ward. He is the greatest person that I've ever met, and he definitely has my heart. He made me sing to him last night after dinner. So we had a little jam shesh together :) 

1. Sister Gasu and I shoving our faces with cookies #notfatties
2. The crazy missionary parents from Soda Rush
3. CONNOR!! ❤❤ 

This is one of my favorite videos. If you have 3 minutes out of you day to it. 
"Today's trial is tomorrow's testimony. God is the gardener of our lives."

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