Monday, June 13, 2016

Tattoos in the font

I had my first 2 baptisms. I'm not excited because I taught them..I'm excited that they chose to follow Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. I gave a baptism talk at both of the baptisms. I cried, but that's an obvious given. I'm such a baby, but it's okay. Looking back at these 2 baptisms, and these 3 people..if these are the only baptisms I have my whole 18 months I'm in Arizona..I'm completely okay with it. Those 2 souls were worth it all. It was worth the hundreds of slammed doors in my face, the rejections, the 100+ degree weather, all of the bike riding, and all of the tears and sweat. Those 2 baptisms were worth it all.
Thursday Sister Gasu and I did service around the house with old man Elder Carver. After we were done he took us to lunch. This is why I love the senior Missionaries. They treat us like their children, and they make me less homesick.
Sister Gasu and I were tracting and met this weird fellow. He told us to come inside to pray with him and his wife. He took my companion and I by the hands and "filled us with the holy spirit." Then he asked if either of us had neck pain. I did, so I told him. He told me that when his shadow rests on my neck I would be healed. So he put his hand on my neck and yelled "in the name of Jesus Christ I command you to be healed of your pain." I was a little creeped out, but we're going back to teach him and his wife this week. So miracles happened this week. #Blessed
We were tracting yesterday and I encountered my first naked man. He opened the door and informed us that he was in no condition to talk about Jesus right now, but to come back next week and he would be wearing clothes. Please...answer the door with clothes on. No one wants to see you naked. ESPECIALLY THE MISSIONARIES! That same day we met this lady in her driveway. When we told her who we were she teared up and told us that we were an answer to her prayers. We are meeting with her and her boys this Saturday, and I am super pumped about it!
Sister Gasu also for some reason took us to a bridal shower this week. I don't know why..I'm not trying to think of marriage. #dontsignmeup
The low this week was about 90 degrees. Who knew that I would literally be on my knees crying and thanking Heavenly Father for 90 degree weather?
ALSO I HIT 4 MONTHS THIS WEEK ON FRIDAY, and I just so happen to be going to the temple on Friday with my zone. What better way to spend your 4 month mark? Time is flying by so fast.
1. So I got the best new hat from my wonderful daddy this week.
2. Robert & Haylie's Fam
3. Haylie, Robert, and I :)
4. Sister Young, Aaron, and I #TattoosInTheFONT
5. If anyone ever comes to NEED to go to Bahama Bucks. It's heavenly
Stay Golden everyone! ☀

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  1. Bahama Bucks all the way!!!!!!! Congrats on a great week.