Monday, July 18, 2016

4 Transfers. 4 companions. 3 areas. 1 whitewash

Well. I got transferred again. I'm in the Highland Zone. My companion and I cover the Constellation, Morrison Ranch, and Highland Park wards. We're white washing..which means they took elders out of the area and dropped us in pretty much blindly. We live behind the cutest old couple in a 1 bedroom house. Missionaries have lived in this place for over 37 years. haha It's pretty gross, but the elders left us little "surprises" around the house. They hid 7 golf balls in the most weird spots, wookie mask, and other disgusting things.
So I hit my 5 month mark!! I'm almost officially not a greenie anymore. Which makes me so happy. Last tuesday night we were eating dinner with Sister Esparza. She was asking us if we had any guys back at home. I told her the only guy in my heart was Jesus. Without missing a beat she said "Oh you like latino men? My son's name is Jesus. I can hook you up!" Sister Gasu and I literally cried we were laughing so hard! She's about the funniest lady I've ever met.
Tuesday morning I stepped on a baby scorpion and it wasn't even that bad, but I'm definitely not going to go look for scorpions to step on. 
The good news about my apartment is that elders stuck those glow in the dark stars on the ceiling, and at night when I look at the makes me feel like I'm at home camping...because there are also crickets in our house.
There's nothing really exciting that happened this week. Hopefully I'll have more next week. Have a wonderful week everyone and STAY GOLDEN! ☀
Remember to always look on the bright side of things. Everything happens for a reason.

1. The Esparza's
2. The Anderson's
3. The Buchholzer's
4. The Mahler's
5. golf balls.. we found one in the air vent
6. my companion, Sister Burton, and I (This is for you daddy!)
7. again

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