Monday, July 25, 2016

"Water anyone..water...juice...water?"

So this week was way better than last week! Sister Burton and I have met so many amazing people in our areas. It's hard to whitewash, but this is honestly my favorite area so far. This week we had interviews with our mission president, President Wheeler. I love that man and his wife with all of my heart! He is definitely called of God. Elder Kapua also left the same day we had interviews. He had 5 months left when I came into the mission, and he was my first zone leader. He bore his testimony and I balled my eyes out. It's so sad that this will be me in a year. Leaving to go home. It makes me want to strive to do my very best every single day, to go that one further, to push a little further in my area and with the people in it.
I went on exchanges with Sister Sabey this week. She's crazy and I love her so much! It felt so good to be in Desert Ridge for one day. It's amazing to see her growth from being out just one transfer.
Hunter, Tatum, and Paige got baptized this past Saturday! They were in Desert Ridge. I went back because for some strange reason they thought it'd be a good idea to have me speak at their baptism. I got so emotional. I cried my eyes out when they were baptized. It makes me feel so good that people do listen to this message that we have to share. Because they made this decision..their lives will be forever changed.
I never thought that I would have a diversity of people, and to be honest I was upset that I was teaching in English. far I've taught 3 people who each 90% of the time spoke Portuguese or Tagalog. So bless my companion and I. This will be a struggle, but the best kind of struggle.
So one day this week it was super hot - well all of the days were super hot, but this one day especially. Sister Burton and I were trying to find a member's home to go to because I was feeling sick. We knock on a member's door, and right as she opens it I throw up all over her porch. Great image of a missionary, right? AND I had heat exhaustion. What a wonderful day. but hey, at least I made it 5 months before it happened.
Yesterday was pioneer day, as most Mormons know, and I got to dress up and help out in primary. Best Sunday ever! :)
Today Sister Burton and I are going to hang out with the old couple we live behind and watch Meet the Mormons. They got so excited when we told them we wanted to watch the movie with them! They went out and got us snacks. They're the cutest couple ever.
Well I hope everyone has an amazing week! Stay Golden and remember that Jesus loves you! ☀
1. Baby Sabey and I
2. Picture of Sister Gasu and I
3. Picture from Hunter, Tatum, and Paige's baptism!
4. Pioneer Day
5. Arizona sunset


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