Monday, August 8, 2016

Arizona Gilbert Mission: The Real Hunger Games

This week was also super rad. I got to go on exchanges with Sister Sprousie. It was so much fun being with my MTC companion!
Sister Burton and I were knocking on a door of a group home, and we met a super skinny black guy named Anthony. He told us "You may have heard of me. My nickname is Gucci. I'm big on Itunes and youtube." He also asked me to give him a shout out. So here's my shoutout to Gucci.
He told us he wants to get his life back in order and find Christ so that he can get his daughter back, and so that he can start making a Christian album. So we're going back on Tuesday to talk to him. Our goal is to help him with his new album. Gucci ft. the Sista Missionaries.
On Saturday, Sister Burton and I got to go to a temple sealing for one of her less actives in her first area. It was the most amazing experience that I've ever had. I have never felt the spirit so strongly before. It really built my testimony up on temple marriages and the power the temple ordinances have.
While we were biking some crazy lady pulled us was Sister Reed from my first area! She was just driving back to Queen Creek from visiting her mom! It's crazy things like that that make the week so much better :)
To pass the time while we bike..Sister B and I tell eachother about movies that we've never seen. Last week she told me about Day and Night. This week I've told her about Titanic, and now we're on the Notebook.
This is what my mom had to say about it: "It makes me think of the Hunger Games.
You are serving time in different districts because you volunteered for our family to go out for 18 months. You're locked in a bunker together and out recruiting more soldiers for your battle, armed with your messenger bag and scriptures. The grueling heat, naked men answering doors, and illnesses are your obstacles. But you keep fighting through all the while telling each other about movies you've never seen."
I hope everyone has an amazing week! Stay Golden and remember that we are all made in God's image and that He has an undying perfect love for us! 1 John 5:2 "By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God, and keep his commandments."
1. Sister Sprouse and I tried to play darts...guess which dart is mine?2. Sister Reed and I 3. Before splits4. Sister Burton and I have a temporary house guest, Christian. We found him when the irrigation came in. He's staying until he grows legs. 


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