Monday, September 5, 2016

3rd week of the 5th transfer

So nothing really exciting this week happened. We went to the old people's home on Thursday like we do every week. When we had to leave I leaned over to give Mrs. Sylvia a hug. She grabbed my bottom and yelled "WOW! You have a firm butt. Boys. Her butt is reeeaaal firm." Literally the most embarrassing moment of my life thanks to an 80 year old. 
Our fav ward mission leader got up in church yesterday and mentioned us in his heartfelt testimony. It made me tear up.
Word for word is what he said. "Our sisters are weird. One likes potato flavored ice cream and potato chips. The other is from Mississippi and should be from Malaysia because you can't understand a word she says." Wonderful words from Brother Boone, and definitely picks up the member trust. haha
A miracle that did happen this week is that Sister B and I were biking down a street both of us were prompted to go down. We ended up talking to this amazing guy, Paul about the gospel. He is in the marines and is getting shipped off to the middle east in 2 weeks. He told us to come back and talk to him before he leaved. We're going to write our testimonies in a Book of Mormon and give it to him the next time we see him!
Wise words from Sister K: Be a pineapple. 
Stay Golden everyone, and remember that Jesus loves you ☀

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