Monday, October 17, 2016

8 MONTHS OLD #AlmostHalfway

Today I have been out for 8 months. Time is flying by so fast. I love and hate it all at the same time. This week has been so much fun! We went to this farm that we volunteer at every other week, and I got pooped on by a bird and peed on by a horse. Things are looking up for me guys. 
This week we helped out with the Special Olympics. It was so much fun! We spent 4 hours on Friday with the aquatics, and on Saturday we spend 8 hours with softball and aquatics. It was so amazing. I love people with special needs. They're so much more close to our savior than we are, and they always help lift my spirits. 
I think I've spent more time doing service in other missions than I have in my own. This week we were in the Mesa mission, and 2 weeks ago we were in the Tempe mission  helping out with the scouts. The perks of having the smallest pross mission in the world. 
Today we went to Top Golf with our district. It was so much fun, and definitely a fun way to spend my mission birthday. Elders are so much fun, and they're even more fun when they don't know how to golf. haha 
On a really upsetting note. The clowns that have been on the news? There are clowns in the park that we bike through ever night. Who's a basket case and scared to death? This Sister Missionary. Don't worry. Sister Macie has a good set of fists on her. 

Well I hope everyone has an amazing week! Remember the Savior in all that you do.

This is one of my favorite Mormon Messages. I love it so much. Remember, when life gets too hard to stand...kneel. Heavenly Father is always there to listen. 

1. Elder Vest found an Elder Cullen
2. The Action Van on the way to the special olympics
3. Our district at Top Golf today!
4&5. I found some cats
6. I also found a snake
7,8,9. My beautiful companion and I 
10. The crew in my old house


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