Monday, November 21, 2016

7 Transfers. 6 Companions. 5 Areas.

So Sister Macie is heading off of her mission tomorrow morning, so of course we thought that I'd stay in the area and lead it out.
WRONG. I'm getting transferred, too. 
Hints the subject of my letter.
I will be in 5 out of 10 zones in the mission. My goal is to get to every single zone. 
So last Saturday Gracie and Avery Hull got baptized! I don't know how in the world I missed writing that in my last email, but I did send the that counts. 
On Wednesday we went to the Reed's house and wielded stuff. It was so cool!
So this week I was joking around with some kids in my ward telling them to break my leg so that I'd get to have a car. Well, I started riding a skateboard and hit a big rock and BUSTED my butt on the ground. So skateboards = satanic. 

"sometimes you have to lose your life to find it."
I love my mission. I love that everything in the world fell apart a year ago. 
I love that I love that I lost my purpose. I love that I had to start from the bottom and pick myself up. My mission has helped me do that. God has helped me do it. He has helped break me down and pick me up to be the person that I needed to be. Not the person I was a year ago, and I'm glad that I'm not.
Let God help form you into the person you need to be. 
Let Him into your life. 


1-3. At the Reed's
4. the Satanic Skateboard
5-7. my adorable companion and myself

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