Monday, November 28, 2016

"Heavenly Father..I pray that tomorrow will be Thanksgiving. Amen"

I just want to start with saying how absolutely amazing everything is!!
I love this whole week.
Friday we got to work the temple lights. We met so many amazing people.
The feeling I felt there was so overwhelming. My companion and I started crying.
Christmas time is my favorite time of the year! Everyone's hearts are opening and so much more willing to help serve someone else.
There was a guy so confused walking around wearing a bike helmet. He asked us if we've seen his bike light on the ground. We asked him if we could pray with him to find it, and he shot us down and walked away. There were elders from the Mesa mission and they laughed SO hard, but so did we.  Then I was trying to help a 3 year old little girl and she just looked at me and screamed for a solid 5 minutes. At least her mom taught her stranger danger.
 Also we have an apostle coming to speak to us on December 10th! We're not allowed to know who yet, BUT the YSA has a fireside that the apostle is speaking at after the missionary's fireside. So we get to hear from him TWICE! What did I do to deserve this wonderful life?
Today we went to Shnepf farms today and hung out with the Bella Vista zone.
I got to ride what the Shnepf's called a roller coaster. It was so rickety, but so much fun!
Also, being in YSA is so much fun. The people are so weird, but in the best way possible.
And James the Mormon and Jester are coming to perform on New Years Eve for the YSA...uh does that mean I get to go? I. WISH!!
I think I'm the most awkward human being in the world. Maybe not. BUT in YSA Correlation they asked me to say the prayer and I laughed so hard during the prayer I almost pottied on myself. THEN right before the correlation Sister Anderson and I were banging on the doors because we thought only the elders were inside..NO there was a baptism going on. So we get inside and go to the bathroom, and of course I start laughing. We realized the baptismal font was open and EVERYONE could hear me laughing.
Well, I hope everyone has an amazing week!
23 Ways in 25 DAYS

1-2. My companion and I looking FLAWLESS
3. We made dream catchers.
4. #Lighttheworld
5-8. At Shnepf Farms

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