Monday, December 19, 2016

It's an avocado...thaaaaaanks

This week was so busy, and this next week is going to be even more hectic. 
Let's just start off with the fact that it's my little sister's 15th birthday today!!
Also I HIT 10 MONTHS! It's so crazy how fast time is going by. 
Christmas parties:
So this week we had FHE with our whole zone, and we played White Elephant. It was the most fun time I've had with a zone! Sister Farrer took one of my avocados for a present.
We went to a ward Christmas party on Saturday night and Santa pulled my companion and I onto his lap. It was the most awkward moment of my whole mission.  
Then we had a YSA relief society party, and it was also a lot of fun! It kind of makes me want to go to my YSA ward when I get home. Kind of. 
We went to the Christmas lights on Wednesday, and there were so many youth groups there. We couldn't even stand on the side walk. This 17 year old boy accidentally brushed against my arm, and of course I wigged out. bc a boy touched my arm and that's gross. The Young Men's leader saw me freaking out and he (jokingly) told the boy that he's going to get kicked out of church for harassing a sister missionary. I've never seen someone look so scared in my whole life! haha 
Sister Bischoff and I got sick on Thursday, so sister Farrer gave us medicine, and we KNOCKED OUT for about 5 hours. So much for missionary work. 
That night Sister Anderson and I decided to tract a little bit. We knocked on a door that said "No Soliciting" on it, but I'm not soliciting so it's okay. 
Well we knocked on the door and this angry old man stormed out of his house and yelled at us "Can you read. Do you speak english? THEN WHY ARE YOU HERE?! Go away. The good Lord does not forgive you for not following directions."
We just walked away with wide eyes and didn't say anything.
Good Sir, all I wanted to do was invite you to the Mesa Christmas lights..
We had a Choir concert last night, and it was so amazing. Of course something had to happen there. Sister Bischoff and I were in the front row because she was a narrator. Well I accidentally started singing the elder's part, and started laughing so hard I started crying. 
Good news Mission President saw me and started laughing too. 
STAY GOLDEN and Light the world! 

1. Sister Anderson, Santa, and myself
2&3. #lightTHEworld
4. my FLAWLESS zone. 
5. Squad at temple lights. 
6. (The Video) what the elders do during planning. 
7. The Elders. 

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