Monday, January 30, 2017

Get Lit.

This week Sister Anderson, Diana, and I went to the temple with Mariah to do baptisms! It was so much fun. It's amazing to see someone progress in the gospel and be able to go to the temple. 
On Wednesday we had a world wide missionary broadcast.
We had training from some of the Apostles, and some changes in the missionary schedule. I loved it so much! I love being able to hear from the Apostles and the Prophet that we have on the earth today. 
We went to the soup kitchen again this week, and it was just as awkward as last week. 
We were tracting some time this week, and there are security doors everywhere here, so we have to knock on an inch wide piece of wood that's around the security doors. Well, while I was knocking..I KNOCKED ON A NAIL. and my finger started bleeding everywhere. Just my luck. haha 
We started teaching a part member family, and I love them so much! The wife's name is Allison, and she's so fab. She's taken the missionary lessons on and off for 7 years, but she's never had sister missionaries before so we'll see how this goes!
We're also teaching a lady that 2 of the elders found. She's super amazing and she has 2 children. Her son gave me a Pokemon card. I think that's the best gift I could ever get. 
 I hope everyone has an amazing week and keeps being a light

1. Here's a picture of a barrel cactus. They're shaped like this.  Barrel cactus flowers always grow at the top of the plant, and they're one of the more attractive cactus. (Facts by Sister A)
2. Here's a rad pic of my companion and I that everyone needs to be blessed to see

Monday, January 23, 2017

What the flip was grandma doin at the sand dunes?

First things first. I'm the realest, but really. Does anyone know how to teach someone the gospel in Chinese? We're in a pickle.
To explain..there's a lady in our ward who is from China, and she has a foreign exchange student who she is making take the lessons from us..this poor boy doesn't know how to speak English, and the mom can speak very little English. Our lesson was a hot mess. We gave him the pamphlets in Chinese, but he was still lost. haha Let's see how many foreigners I can teach that DON'T speak English. We went to a food kitchen as a whole zone this week, and we were in some tight quarters with the 14 of us. We had to fill boxes with food, and while I was bent down putting some cans in a box Elder Kestners hiney brushed against my face. Then I accidentally grabbed an Elders hand while I was reaching for Sister Anderson's hand. Can someone say awko taco?

On Saturday morning we did some more service with the zone at Amy's farm. It's a refuge for animals who have been abused. Sisters A&F got to walk the Alpacas, and Sister Bischoff and I got to walk some goats. Sister Anderson spoon fed a pig and got attacked by the goats. It was so funny! She made one of the Elders paint the goats horns sparkly. 
We had Family Home Afternoon with our zone this week! It was fun as well. We came up with our Star Wars Names. which is the first 3 letters of your last name, the first 2 of your first name, and then your last name is the first 2 letters of your moms name and the first 3 letters of the town you were born in. My name came out to be "KilMi JeHat". We played apples to apples, and we all just DIED laughing the whole time! It's nice to get together and kind of relax. 
MARIAH GOT BAPTIZED THIS WEEK! I love her so much! She is so amazing and so golden. I just want to be friends with her my whole life. Which can happen because she's my age. I love the spirit that comes during a baptism. Especially this one. After she came out of the water and hugged us..I just started balling. There's nothing greater than seeing someone take the step to come closer to our Father in Heaven.


1. Sister Anderson, Mariah, and Myself :)
2. What 50 degrees looks like in AYZEE. What yall don't see is that I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt, tights, and a thick pair of socks. Arizona has made me a baby. 
3. My zone. Well, the part that didn't get cut off. 
4. Since everything in Arizona is designed to kill you..I decided I'd tell you about the things you can find here. Cactus for the week: Saguaro. It can't grow an arm until it's 75 years old, and each arm takes about 10 years to fully grow. They can grow over 70 feet tall. You're welcome for these facts that may or may not be true. I'm just going off of what my companion tells me. 


Monday, January 16, 2017

1738. Hey.

HELLO FAM AND FRIENDS! This week was so much fun, and way more productive than last week. 
So I got the privilege of going on exchanges with Sister Irvin this week. It was so fun. We were just a biking like we do every day, and it started pouring cats and dogs on us. I don't think I've been that cold since I was in Idaho. Well nothing was going right. No one at all answered the door. So we decided to go to a different neighborhood and try visiting families that I didn't know. We knocked on this door, and the family let us right it! On the records it only has a man's we didn't even know he was married. Turns out he's been married to a non member for the past 7 years and she's taken the discussions on and off. Well, we have a lesson with her next week and I'm SO PUMPED! That same day we got a super solid referral from the Elders. 
Mariah, the girl in our YSA ward, is getting baptized this Saturday! I'm so excited for her. There's nothing better than seeing someone come unto Christ. 
Elder Gay of the 70 came to speak at our Stake Conference! He came to speak here when I was 1 month out on my I'm 11 months out. It was so amazing and spiritual. I don't think that there was a second of the Adult session that I didn't cry. 
Our Mission president and his wife also spoke, and we had interviews with them this week. They are so amazing. I'm so blessed to be in the greatest mission in the world with even greater Mission president and his wife. 


1. We forgot to take pictures this week! So this was taken about 5 seconds ago.

"A Potato flew around my room."

This week Sister Anderson was sick for a good 3 days, and Rob finally came to church!
 Those are the highlights of this week. 
Every single person we went to visit this week was sick. 
We were teaching a lesson to a member family. We showed them a video and in the background we heard someone puking. It was their daughter. Probably the most awkward lesson I've ever been in. 
Yesterday I had to take Sister Bischoff with me to church because Sister Anderson was in NO position to go to church. Everyone was so concerned because they thought Sister Anderson was gone. Last night we went to a grumpy old man's house, and we talked to him for a while. 
I brought him cookies because..who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies?
Well when we were leaving their house...the door knob got stuck and we couldn't get out of his house for AT LEAST 30 minutes. We were dying because he was being so rude, but all we could do was laugh. 
Well I'm sorry this week's email was so short. I'll have more next week.


Monday, January 2, 2017

Transfer 8 of 12

This week we got two self referrals from the Mesa Christmas lights. Which is completely amazing. We set up an appointment with the first referral..which turned out to be a dud. He just talked at us for an hour about how we were wrong. BUT we have another referral to contact I'll let yall know how that goes next weekly email. 
This week we went to the Christmas lights, and I got to see one of my favorite Mississippi sister missionaries in the world! 
Sister Anderson and I were talking to this man and his 4 year old little girl at the park. 
She was drinking her water, and her dad said "Kristan, why do we drink water?"
this little girl screams so loudly "So we don't have hard poops!"
We died laughing. 
On New Year's Eve our zone got together and we watched the Cokeville Miracle. I forgot that movies could be that intense! It was so good, and I definitely balled my eyes out. 
It's crazy to think that it's already 2017, and that I come home this year.

Since it's the New Year, of course I have to say something about it. Who doesn't? 
I love this video and the story of Lott's wife. If you don't know the story of Lott's wife. It's in Genesis, and it's super good! Anyways, the moral of the story is "Look not behind thee".
This is a new year, full of new goals, new visions, new perspectives, and new people. 
Leave 2016 in 2016, and follow through with being the new person you want to be this year. The only thing holding you back from achieving your dreams is yourself. 

1. Taelor and I
2. Movie Watching
3. Coloring with the zone. 
4. Cheers to the New YEAR!