Monday, January 16, 2017

1738. Hey.

HELLO FAM AND FRIENDS! This week was so much fun, and way more productive than last week. 
So I got the privilege of going on exchanges with Sister Irvin this week. It was so fun. We were just a biking like we do every day, and it started pouring cats and dogs on us. I don't think I've been that cold since I was in Idaho. Well nothing was going right. No one at all answered the door. So we decided to go to a different neighborhood and try visiting families that I didn't know. We knocked on this door, and the family let us right it! On the records it only has a man's we didn't even know he was married. Turns out he's been married to a non member for the past 7 years and she's taken the discussions on and off. Well, we have a lesson with her next week and I'm SO PUMPED! That same day we got a super solid referral from the Elders. 
Mariah, the girl in our YSA ward, is getting baptized this Saturday! I'm so excited for her. There's nothing better than seeing someone come unto Christ. 
Elder Gay of the 70 came to speak at our Stake Conference! He came to speak here when I was 1 month out on my I'm 11 months out. It was so amazing and spiritual. I don't think that there was a second of the Adult session that I didn't cry. 
Our Mission president and his wife also spoke, and we had interviews with them this week. They are so amazing. I'm so blessed to be in the greatest mission in the world with even greater Mission president and his wife. 


1. We forgot to take pictures this week! So this was taken about 5 seconds ago.

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