Monday, January 30, 2017

Get Lit.

This week Sister Anderson, Diana, and I went to the temple with Mariah to do baptisms! It was so much fun. It's amazing to see someone progress in the gospel and be able to go to the temple. 
On Wednesday we had a world wide missionary broadcast.
We had training from some of the Apostles, and some changes in the missionary schedule. I loved it so much! I love being able to hear from the Apostles and the Prophet that we have on the earth today. 
We went to the soup kitchen again this week, and it was just as awkward as last week. 
We were tracting some time this week, and there are security doors everywhere here, so we have to knock on an inch wide piece of wood that's around the security doors. Well, while I was knocking..I KNOCKED ON A NAIL. and my finger started bleeding everywhere. Just my luck. haha 
We started teaching a part member family, and I love them so much! The wife's name is Allison, and she's so fab. She's taken the missionary lessons on and off for 7 years, but she's never had sister missionaries before so we'll see how this goes!
We're also teaching a lady that 2 of the elders found. She's super amazing and she has 2 children. Her son gave me a Pokemon card. I think that's the best gift I could ever get. 
 I hope everyone has an amazing week and keeps being a light

1. Here's a picture of a barrel cactus. They're shaped like this.  Barrel cactus flowers always grow at the top of the plant, and they're one of the more attractive cactus. (Facts by Sister A)
2. Here's a rad pic of my companion and I that everyone needs to be blessed to see

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