Monday, April 17, 2017

Live by faith. Not fear.

This week was super slow, but super exhausting all at the same time. 
So since I'm going home in a hot second, and by a hot second I mean a few months, I decided to sell my bicycle to the mission. SO in the mean time I'm using a mission bike.
All in the same night, actually within 5 minutes of each other, ..Sister Johnson's light broke, my kick stand fell off, and my seat broke. So we're just struggling over here. 
We went over to Diane and Debi's house this week and helped Diane with her family history. She wanted to see how much of her family's work has been done. SO I helped her with connecting her family search, ancestry, and accounts. Turns out..up to 6 generations of work in her family have been done! Miracles.
Sister Johnson and I this week were talking about how we can find joy in things that Heavenly Father gives us. 
Our stake performed Handel's Messiah. We didn't get to go to the performance, but we did get the privilege of hearing them practice. It was angelic, and hearing it in person was amazing. As I've been pondering the things that give me joy, I was thinking about when I first came on my mission. It was SO HARD for me to find joy and beauty here in Arizona. I've realized that there is beauty in everything, and you can find joy in everything around you. For example, my favorite things are classical music, the sunsets on the Superstition mountains, the stars, and lightening storms over the desert. These things somehow prove to me that God is real. These simple things to ME let me know that He cares about me and knows the things that I love the most, and that if you look around you can find things in your every day life that Heavenly Father gives us that can bring us joy and happiness. Find things that bring you peace.

1. The lovely Diane
2. Sister Olson came to visit! 
3. Easter with the Hawkes
4. What we do in weekly planning (everything BUT plan)
5. fortunes s

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