Monday, April 3, 2017


Just another rad week as a missionary in the AGM. 
Sister Johnson and I had a fun time together this week!
Diane, our investigator and one of my favorite people, was supposed to get baptized yesterday. We taught her 3 of the lessons this week and had her baptism interview.  Well Diane has stage 4 cancer, and this WHOLE week wore her out so much that she was in too much pain to have her baptism yesterday, so we're rescheduling it for this week! It's kind of a miracle that she didn't get baptized yesterday because her other daughter is coming into town today! So she'll end up being here for Diane's baptism. Everything happens for a reason.
On Wednesday we had zone conference. We got together with the Highland and Gilbert Zones, and got trained by our Mission President, his wife, and the Assistants. It's so awesome to be able to be spiritually fed and to grow and learn more about Our Savior. 
Speaking of..I loved General Conference this weekend. It was so amazing. I may or may not have teared up a few times during the talks. Everyone who spoke in Conference was inspired by Heavenly Father in what they needed to say. There is no doubt about that. My favorite talk was Elder Holland's talk in the Saturday Afternoon session. 
In it he says:" Among the realities we face as children of God living in a fallen world is that some days are difficult, days when our faith and our fortitude are tested. These challenges may come from a lack in us, a lack in others, or just a lack in life, but whatever the reasons, we find they can rob us of songs we so much want to sing and darken the promise of “springtime in [the] soul” that Eliza Hewitt celebrates in one of her verses
Brothers and sisters, we live in a mortal world with many songs we cannot or do not yet sing. But I plead with each one of us to stay permanently and faithfully in the choir, where we will be able to savor forever that most precious anthem of all—“the song of redeeming love”. Fortunately, the seats for this particular number are limitless. … “Come as you are,” a loving Father says to each of us, but He adds, “Don’t plan to stay as you are.” We smile and remember that God is determined to make of us more than we thought we could be."
I love the Savior and everything that He has done for us. Without Him and without our Father in Heaven and their guidance I know that I would be lost. I love the Savior and the fact that he performed the Atonement for us. He has felt EVERY pain, loss, suffering - everything that we have, and because of that we have someone to turn to. We have an instant best friend. He want us to be His friend, to get to know Him. So get to know our Savior and our Heavenly Father. Learn about them. Come to find peace through them.

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