Monday, May 1, 2017

Don't let anything get in your way.

I went on exchanges with Sister Butler this week. It was so fun serving with someone that I came out on the mission with! It was a super fun day, and kind of a relaxing day I needed. We went to an apartment complex to try a few people. So we locked up our bikes to each other and walked around. We came back to our bikes after 20 minutes...and they were stolen! So the cops came so we could file a report. While one was talking to us..the other was walking around the complex to look. Well the second cop found our bicycles! WHAT A MIRACLE. We didn't tell the officers this....but the spot the officer found our bikes is where we left them. We're just dumb and thought we put them somewhere else. The every day life of Sister Kilsby. 
On exchanges we ate with one of Sister Butler's investigators. She's Turkish, and fed us turkish food! Who would've thought I'd eat Turkish food in Arizona? Well, we read the book of Mormon with her. She had her Turkish one out and her English one. It was so cool to hear her read in English..not understand what's going on and then read it in Turkish. After she read it in Turkish she always said "OH! I understand it now. Why didn't you girls explain it like I read it?" Well, Julia, I can't speak Turkish. 
I was thinking about my mission and how at first I was upset that I haven't been in the south of the mission, or actually anywhere in the mission (because I've served in Desert Ridge for half of my mission). hit me that I have been able to serve everywhere in the mission because of exchanges. I've been on exchanges in every single zone in the mission. So technically I can say I've served in every zone..right? We'll pretend. 
We had Family Home Afternoon with a senior missionary couple in the mission, The Asbury's. It was so fun to get together with our zone, and the missionary couple, and play games and get to know each other better! This week we ate with a Samoan family. They're so awesome! They had some different cultural things. WELLLL they had drums there that I started playing on, and they told us that those drums were used in filming the music for MOANA! I thought that was cool. 
Anyway! I hope y'all have an awesome week. 
I've been pondering my mission lately. Especially since I only have a little while left (I actually have a lot of time left), but I've been thinking about the person I've always wanted to become. When I was in high school my mom gave me a blank poster and told me to write what I wanted to achieve on there. I was thinking back before my mission...if I wouldn't have gone on a mission..I wouldn't be that person that I wrote I wanted to become. Because I have come on a mission and completely submitted my will to the Lord's...I have become more close to the woman that I want to become and that Heavenly Father wants me to become. I didn't let my trials that I had before my mission, and even on my mission, stop me from doing what I want to do, and going to where I KNEW I needed to go. Don't let anything get in your way. Don't let Satan stop you.

1. We made it on the wall in the mission office!
2&3. FHA this week
4. Playing scrabble with the Elders...again. 

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