Monday, May 8, 2017

He is there

Hello everyone! So this week is a big shocker. Sister Johnson and I are BOTH being transferred out of the area. This is weird seeing how I have 2 transfers left. 
This week has been really fun, but so short. 
This Wednesday Sister Johnson and I got sick so we didn't really do anything that day at all, we just slept..and had issues. haha
On Thursday we got ready to rock and roll and do missionary work to make up for us not working the day before...and Sister Johnson's bike was broken, so we had to go make a trip to visit Elder Ashton, and get her bike fixed. 
Saturday we went over and helped Debbi go through Dianne's things and her pictures. 
It was so fun to see pictures of Dianne when she was younger, and to hear stories about her life. 
This week we got a self referral from a lady named, Beth, and she is absolutely amazing. She told us that she's been reading the book of Mormon on her own, she's in Jacob. She's been watching General Conference talks, and researching things on by herself. She's amazing. We're meeting with her tonight. I'm so bummed that neither one of us will be teaching her, but I know whatever missionaries she gets will be amazing! 

This is one of my favorite talks from the 2016 April General Conference, and it helps that it's President Uchtdorf. 
my favorite quote from this talk is "Just as the Good Shepherd finds His lost sheep, if you will only lift up your heart to the Savior of the world, He will find you."
Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are ALWAYS there for us. In Relief Society yesterday we talked about trials. We talked about how when we're in our slumps..when we feel like we're in the pits of hell going through everything we thought we never would. Christ is right there with us. Holding us by our arms, and helping us get through the hard times. 
He is always there. Just look for Him. 

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