Wednesday, June 7, 2017

I'm Cruising

 This week has been absolutely wonderful.
We had the amazing opportunity to hear from Elder Pearson of the 70 this week. Monday morning we had a leadership meeting with him, yesterday we had a zone conference with him all day, and this morning we had another leadership meeting. It was the most amazing experience to hear from a disciple of the Lord. I can't believe all of the revelation and counsel that we've gotten. It's all so much to take in. I wish I would've gotten this counsel BEFORE the end of my mission. It's okay though, because I can take it with me throughout life. 
Some of my favorite quotes from Elder Pearson in the past 3 days are "When you demonstrate dependability, He will increase your capability. It's not about your ability. It's about your availability."
and "True Doctrine understood changed attitudes and behavior more than a study of behavior does."
This goes for missionaries, but it also goes for members. If we just put our mind to what we know the Lord knows we can do..we can accomplish anything. He will make up for what we lack. He's there to help us with anything. 
One thing I've noticed the most on my mission is my change in attitude, and it's all because of this wonderful restored gospel.It's because I take the time each and every day to study the gospel and try to learn and apply it to my life. I try to figure out what Heavenly Father wants for me and wants me to do. Because I take the time to align my will with the Savior's and Heavenly Father's..I am full of peace and happiness. It's the best way that I know how to describe it, and I want to share it with the WORLD! 
So this week Sister Allison had a baptism in Florence, so we got to go tag along. I love going to baptisms and feeling the strong spirit that goes along with it. when Kade came up out of the water he fist bumped the air and just yelled "YEAH!". That's exactly how I feel about the gospel. It's so awesome, and there just aren't enough rad words to describe how I feel about it. 
On Sunday night we had 2 dinners because I accidentally over booked us, but neither of the dinners knew we had the other. Well, we ended up having the same exact things at each dinner. I guess that's a good problem to have. 
I got to go on exchanges with Sisters Bischoff and Marbery. They're in one of my old areas, and I got to teach one of my old investigators! She's getting baptized in July. It's so awesome to see people I've worked with make steps closer to the gospel. It's awesome to see where people end up in their lives.

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